Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 1 Getting the Trailer

Getting A Trailer:

I'd been searching Craigslist for weeks looking at prices and gauging what I might want and could afford. I knew I wanted a travel trailer. I knew I wanted it to be mobile. I knew I did NOT want something with slide outs. Other than that? I knew I wanted something cheap.

I had originally planned to wait a few months and build up my finances and buy something for $3,000-4,000 range. One day I happened across and ad for a Nomad Travel Trailer, $1,100. 

I was curious so I decided to check it out. I made arrangements to go take a look at it. I felt the excitement immediately. This was a good trailer! Sure it obviously had rust and the equipment inside was probably worthless...but there was potential! There didn't seem to be too bad of water damage- a rarity in these old trailers. So I decided to go home and think it over. I finally offered $700 for it, we settled on $800, and I was the proud owner of a new travel trailer! 

Had to get it towed by my step-father. It towed really well, no problems at all! None of the lights work (or we weren't willing to test them out) but in the future I'll just get some tow package lights for it. It's not moving for awhile. We brought it to my grandfathers house. I live about 20mins from his house so I can work on a lot of interior stuff myself. If I need to do anything big, it can be taken to my parents house 2 hours away and work on it there. 

I have a trailer! Let the experiment begin!

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