Sunday, July 29, 2012

Assessment (Day 2)

First things First, we need to see what we're keeping and what we're ditching!

As you can see, the outside is in pretty good shape:

Roof looks to be in decent shape as well:

Someone decided to add a window A/C unit to this unit. Probably means the roof a/c doesn't work.

Oh look, found the 120 box. Yeah that doesn't work.

On first glance inside we see that it looks good. However, I know the floor has been replaced recently. I also know that none of the 120V works, fridge has never been tried on propane, and stove doesn't seem to work either. There's a lot of stuff that came with the trailer, going to sell or donate most of it.

So what now?

Well the plan is to rip out all the useless appliances and then make my way to the walls. I've got a feeling the insulation is no good anymore and will need to come out. Even if it was still good, the ceiling feels like it's brittle and about to fall, so it has to come down anyways. Some of the cabinets are going to stay if I can help it- I sort of like them.

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