Sunday, July 29, 2012

Removing the Stove (Day 2)

I know the stove and fridge are pretty much worthless. Gonna have to take them out. Stove first:

Looking around we find some screws holding it in place at the bottom covered only by painted over painters tape:

Let's try it with a screw gun and see if we can't get those screws out:

Nope! Damn things are totally stripped:

Let's try this with some applied force:


Forget it, the cabinets are totally useless. I'm taking out the entire section anyways so might as well have some fun tearing it apart.

Now around the edges:

Add in a little tugging:

and there we go!

Cut the copper gas pipe and tossed it outside, maybe I will clean it up and see if I can't get it working. Might be worth something to someone. If it works well enough maybe I'll even keep it!

There was an exhaust vent above the stove, thought it might be worth keeping at first- then I noticed it was 120v...useless! Goodbye!

Great, now we have a holes to the outside.

You can see some damage on the left side where I'm working on getting the Fridge out. It's heavy!

Gotta love that hammer!


That put a quick stop to work for the day. No big deal. I had another project I needed to finish working on anyways. Plus, the fridge is going to need 2 people to get out of the trailer. 

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