Sunday, August 12, 2012

Water Damage (Day 5)

Had a good late night run through the woods, got some rest, and had that awesome feeling where you wake up and think it's late- but it's still only 9am! So I loafed around my apartment for a bit, and really didn't think I wanted to go to the trailer...but after my frustration yesterday I decided I should go make some progress so I don't feel worse later about not doing it.

So today I decided I was going to look for some more leaks, and make some serious decisions about where I want to go with this. I have to keep reminding myself that this WILL get done, and part of the reason for getting the trailer was to stop planning and start DOING the small living side of life. I've only given myself till Feburary to complete this, so I need to start setting priorities. The rotted wood? Well it's not so bad that the whole thing is going to fall apart. Instead I need to find the hot spots where the water is getting in- and prevent more damage. Other than that I'm going to leave the inside alone after today... I need to get this outside stuff done before it gets too cold. So let's get to work inside!

Here is where we left of

Okay, time to get some more insulation out. Let me tell you what- I need to get way more air masks...the stuff floating in the air is baddddd for you. I'm wearing one- but as they get soaked in sweat, it gets harder to breath. I'm going to get some of these wires out as well.

These are the wire cutter I was using. Most of the wiring is for 120v. NEVER gonna reuse it- so might as well get it out of the way. These cutters suck. Can't clip these big worries 

These big clippers work much better.I could take someone's fingers off with them.

More wires, BE GONE! 

Uhh okay, so I got distracted and pulled more wood off...I don't know what I'm thinking.
Wait...what's this?
AHHH! ROTTED WOOD! I can see outside! WTF!
Ohh...okay this is outside- makes sense now.

Yeah I'm going to really need to take some time outside and reseal everything. Let's go looking for more leak hot spots:

Hard to see- but there is basically gunk around the sewer pipe- and nothing else. Definitely water getting in here. It needs a rubber gasket or something to seal it in better. 

WOW! This is right next to the air conditioner

So what it looks like is that there has been serious leaking around the air conditioner for a long time. This is bad. The whole unit is going to have to come out- and a suitable cover found to go over top. The whole roof is in need of a nice rubber seal. It looks like someone did a crappy job before- that's the white stuff you can see coming in. I will have to do a much better job. 

Now this is where the "couch" seats were. Obviously been some water damage here...though it's not as bad as it looks.

Originally I though I would take these out. Now that I've decided to throw away the crap particle board (craparticle board) I think these can be saved very simply. So they wont be going anywhere.

Okay that looks like all the big spots have been located. Time to clean up a bit more and call it a day.
Found a wasp nest (among other bugs) in the insulation, as well as a lot of this 'playdough' like substance. No idea what it is.

OH! One more thing. This is where the Fridge/Heat unit use to be

Wood is pretty messed up, probably from water leakage. I think I'll have to build a platform around it if I want to use it again. Otherwise it's not too bad.

Okay so I do still need to get a shop vac or something to clean out the inside a little better. I might wait on it till I finish with some of the roof items. It's going to be some tough calls- but I need to push hard on it so I can hopefully get the roof sealed before the end of September. 

Feeling a lot better about it today, not quite so fatalistic. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Removing the Sink (Day 4)

I got a late start today, just couldn't keep from sleeping in. So let's see what we have to work with:

*Sigh* Okay, not really feeling it today- but lets get to work....

It didn't take much to get the rest of the cabinets out, actually I barely had to tug and they popped away from the wall. I took some time to get the hot/cold off the sink faucet, and then popped out the sink itself.
See how the sink just came right on out? I actually broke some of the PVC for the drain without even trying
Sorta bent it by accident! Not too bad, maybe I'll reuse it.

Now to take the facuet out and rip the rest of the cabnit off:

Boom. Simple. 

Okay now that we've got that cleared away it's time to start in on the rest of the walls. I know I need to get rid of a lot of the wood in this same area I've been working in. It seems to be where most of the water damage has been. With all those vent's I'm not surprised.

Okay so let's start tearing walls:
Not too hard. Woops, probably need to tear some of the ceiling as well:
Looks rough.


Okay see that picture there? That's what we call ROTTED wood. It's one of the main support beams right on the roof. You can just see where water has been coming in and leaking there. This is unsettling, I might have to go searching for more water damage now. Tear up the WHOLE wall system to get to these damn boards! DAMN IT! This sucks. Well the weather is starting to look like rain, and I need to go get ready for a Night Orienteering course...let's get all the insulation from the one wall section and call it a day.

From this:

To this:

Only spent 2 hours today. Sucked. Though I did make 4 bags of trash. I got out of there right as the first drops started. At this rate I'm never going to finish. Pissed off. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Removing the Fridge (Day 3)

Okay so I came back to work on the fridge and see if I can't get it out. Before I got started though I noticed something in the storage area in the back:

This is good. Some nice stands to help keep the trailer from wobbling back and forth! Got those set up and it made a huge difference. Okay let's go inside now:

Last week I broke the hammer I was using. Brought a better one this time to get to work. I'd been having a lot of trouble figuring out what was holding the fridge in, so I decided to try a different tactic and get the heat pump out from underneath first. As you can see- there was a lot of wood breaking involved.

Humm? I'll have to research this heat pump more. I know the fridge was made by Magnavox.

Okay, so I got it out- pretty simple actually it wasn't in there all that much. Now to move on to the fridge itself.

The fridge really didn't want to come out. I realized as I was tugging on it that I was also tugging on the vent pipe for the black water tank. I decided to step back and reassess how I was doing this. I'd like to avoid screwing up the plumbing if possible.

Okay I eventually got the fridge out! See that platform on the left? It was bolted into it, and I ended up taking a chisel to it to break the nuts off. There's a hole in the platform which the vent pipe runs through and that's why I was tugging on it when trying to get the fridge out. Doesn't look like I hurt it.

So what do the fridge and heat pump look like uninstalled?

Heat pump:

(clicking on the photos will make them bigger)

The heat pump may still work. The fridge though...nah...I don't know, it might be useful for something else, but that's another project I just don't feel like working on right now.

 So I was pretty tired after this. It's damn hot outside and I was wearing protective gear to save my eyes and lungs. Here is what an exhausted me looks like:

Yeah, sweat everywhere. I'm done for the day. Time to clean up!

Filled about 2.5 contractor bags full of crap wood. Now you can see the inside without the Stove/Fridge/Heatpump

Ugh, look at all those vent holes. I decided to cover them with plastic bags. I also looked and found a top vent I'm very unhappy to see:

It's falling apart, and I'm not going to be surprised if water isn't coming in through it.'s gonna get filled in for sure.

 I took a quick peek in the wall a ceiling. insulation is TERRIBLE. For another day though! 

Plan for next week: Get the sink out and the rest of the cabinets around it. Probably start removing the wall there and parts of the ceiling to take out the insulation. 

Progress is decent. I should spend more time on this. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Removing the Stove (Day 2)

I know the stove and fridge are pretty much worthless. Gonna have to take them out. Stove first:

Looking around we find some screws holding it in place at the bottom covered only by painted over painters tape:

Let's try it with a screw gun and see if we can't get those screws out:

Nope! Damn things are totally stripped:

Let's try this with some applied force:


Forget it, the cabinets are totally useless. I'm taking out the entire section anyways so might as well have some fun tearing it apart.

Now around the edges:

Add in a little tugging:

and there we go!

Cut the copper gas pipe and tossed it outside, maybe I will clean it up and see if I can't get it working. Might be worth something to someone. If it works well enough maybe I'll even keep it!

There was an exhaust vent above the stove, thought it might be worth keeping at first- then I noticed it was 120v...useless! Goodbye!

Great, now we have a holes to the outside.

You can see some damage on the left side where I'm working on getting the Fridge out. It's heavy!

Gotta love that hammer!


That put a quick stop to work for the day. No big deal. I had another project I needed to finish working on anyways. Plus, the fridge is going to need 2 people to get out of the trailer.